Non-profit seeks to help combat wounded veterans receive chiropractic care

BOWLING GREEN, KY. – A local chiropractor is running a non-profit organization through his office to help combat wounded veterans and first responders.

Doctor Michael Elkins owns and runs Lazarus Chiropractic in Bowling Green, the cite of the only non-profit of its kind in the state, Hands for Life.

This non-profit helps bring much needed care to combat wounded veterans.

The funding for the cause is not always the easiest to come by, and Elkins ends up paying for some things on his own.

As a veteran himself, this is a cause worth every penny.

“I see a lot of these guys just they’re still waiting war they’re still in a battle they’re still fighting for their lives just to be able to feel good enough to do every day things not just the things that they enjoy so when I saw the challenges my personal family we’re up against it made me realize that there is more I could do,”

Right now, Hands for Life is selling these t-shirts that say “momento mori” which means “remember that you have to die.”

He said he chose this statement as a reminder for people to really choose to live and live healthy, happy and to the fullest.

All proceeds from the shirts go directly to the non-profit for veteran care.