New love in Med Center Health

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A young married couple is graduating from medical school on Saturday and were lucky enough to start their residencies at Med Center Health in Bowling Green.

Dylan And Claire Sanford are high school sweethearts, beginning their relationship in 10th grade and have been together ever since. Both attended Western Kentucky University together and upon graduating, decided to enroll in the University of Kentucky’s medical school in Bowling Green where they are finally graduating from this weekend.

Dylan and Claire said they often think about how different things would be if one or the other didn’t go the medical route as well, saying it would have been doable, but to have a partner in it made it easier. Claire also said it’s nice to be able to share the struggles of the field, telling the station that neither would have to worry about explaining why they wouldn’t be able to make it home at a certain time.

The Sanfords told us they’re nervous but just as excited, saying they’ve been waiting for this moment for 8 years and now it’s finally here.