New Kentucky academic standards being implemented 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Education professionals from all over the state are preparing to implement new academic standards.

In Bowling Green Monday teachers, principals and school representatives from around the southern Kentucky region learned more about the new standards during a meeting at the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative.

Academic standards are revised about every sic years for reading, writing and mathematics.

Senate Bill 1 in 2017 called for a revision process to take place.

Staff from the Kentucky Department of Education discussed how those new standards are to be put in place.

“Kentucky academic standards for reading and writing and mathematics have been approved as of March 8. So, we at KDE have developed support and guidance around those standards, basically to impact student instruction,” said Jackie Rogers, professional learning coordinator at Kentucky Department of Education.

The new academic standards were approved on March 8. Staff from the KDE are currently touring the state.