New Americans encouraged to work in Bowling Green rather than commute

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Many new Americans living in Bowling Green are working outside of the region and have long commutes to and from their workplace.

Workinbg Smgraphic Cc Quality, ClosetteThe City of Bowling Green is working to try to help them find jobs closer to home.

Local professionals and officials have been working to put together a website that will help bring attention to different local industries hiring that are suitable for non-English speakers and other New Americans.

The marketing campaign consists of a link guiding locals to job opportunities in the area.Workinbg Smgraphic2

Leyda Becker, the International Communities Liaison for the city, and her husband, Brian Becker, the vice president of operations and special projects at the Workforce Development Board, have been two major contributors in the campaign.

“We have a lot of employees leaving Bowling Green for a very similar type of job outside of the state where they could be doing the same thing here locally,” said Leyda Becker.

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“It’s just a part of what helps people be centered in their community and access all of what the community has to offer. And we want people to know that if they are traveling, especially out of the region, out of the state for employment opportunities, there’s lots of good employment opportunities here,” said Brian Becker.Workinbg Flyer 2021

To check out job opportunities, scan the bar code below or visit the website.

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