Mom cracks down on medical misinformation

(WPTV) A Florida mother has made it her mission to stop dangerous myths about how to cure autism, something that has no medical cure.

“I’m autistic myself and I have three severe autistic children,” Amanda Seigler says.

When her son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum six years ago, Seigler went online to research. She said some sites had useful information, while others were spreading misinformation.

“We had people feeding their children bleach to try to cure them from autism,” says Seigler. “They give instructions on how much to give how to give it, and when it’s working, according to them and when to give more.”

Since then, Seigler says she’s been on a crusade to combat misinformation online.

“I observe, screenshot and report it. It’s not hard to get into these groups,” Seigler says. “You make a fake profile. It’s really not difficult.”

With concern rising over medical misinformation some of the most powerful platforms, including Amazon, YouTube and Facebook, are all responding and removing content.

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