Miami University releases fraternity hazing report

(WLWT) Miami University released a report Monday, detailing allegations of hazing at a campus fraternity.

Miami University President Gregory Crawford said the report was filed last week by an 18-year-old student who claims he and 24 other pledges were blindfolded and “forced to consume large amounts of alcohol and marijuana” during a hazing ritual that was done within the Delta Tau Delta organization on March 16.

According to the report, the student said he was kicked, spit on and hit with paddles covered in spikes and grooves multiple times. The victim said he eventually told someone, “Call 911, I feel like I’m going to die.”

The report goes on to say that emergency squads showed up and took the hospitalized the victim for several hours with cuts and bruises and a reported blood alcohol content of .231.

As a result of the report, Crawford suspended the fraternity and called for a review of all fraternities and sororities. He said nothing is off-limits.

A decision about the fraternity’s long-term future will be made once the investigation is finalized and a formal hearing is completed.

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