Maryland moves to protect lemonade stands

A new Maryland bill will allow the return of children's lemonade stands, currently banned in the state, if passed.

(NBC News) — In Maryland, you can’t set up a lemonade stand even if it’s on your own property. Now, legislation in Annapolis could keep kids who want to sell lemonade in business.

Lemonade stands are often a child’s first business venture, but in 2011, citing Maryland law, Montgomery County inspectors put the squeeze on Xander Alpier, who was 6 at the time. They shut him down, and Xander, who’s now an eighth-grade student, never forgot the experience.

“I just felt a little discouraged, as well as my friend. We just thought it would be a nice way to raise money,” Xander says.

What happened to Xander inspired bipartisan legislation that prohibits a municipality or county from shutting down kid-run lemonade stands.

The bill is limited in scope. You must be under 18 and the stand must be on your own property.

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