Lunae founder discusses opening of headquarters in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Texas-based Oria and their management company Lunae are planning to set up a new headquarters inside of the WKU Innovation Campus off of Nashville Road. 

The current plan is to hire 30 core staff at Lunae, which will support Oria in hiring a multitude of mental health professionals. Together, they hope to bring telehealth style mental health access to Kentuckians across the state while bringing jobs to Bowling Green and Warren County.

The nonprofit Mental Health America in their 2022 report ranked Kentucky 16th in the nation for access to mental care. Amanda Havard, CEO of Lunae and Oria, hopes her companies will help fill the need here in Kentucky. 

“Oria’s focus has always been to ask the question, where does quality mental health care need to reach that it doesn’t, and how can we leverage telehealth to take it there? And that is exactly what we want to do in Kentucky. It’s why we picked a state that has such health disparities and needs better access to care,” Havard said.