Local businesses honor the 13 fallen in Afghanistan

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Thirteen seats, thirteen flags, thirteen beers, all reserved for the fallen.

Local businesses are reserving seats for the fallen to honor the 13 recent military members killed in Afghanistan.

While attempted to assist the evacuation of American citizens and allies out of the country, two suicide bombers attacked the US troops killing 11 Marines, one soldier, and one seaman.

Companies and restaurants all over the nation have reserved seats or poured out a beer in honor of those 13 men and women who gave it all Thursday morning.

Smokey Bones and Lazarus Chiropractic are among those who saved a seat in their honor.

“Smokey Bones loves and supports this country our troops. Our soldiers, they are going through something they shouldn’t have to go through, and it was a devastating day Thursday to lose 13 soldiers, and this is our way to just show our love support and tribute to them to close those seats down to recognize them.  It puts more of the word out to ones that don’t know, don’t read the news, it gets them to acknowledge it,” said Casey Turner, the General Manager of Smokey Bones in Bowling Green.

According to the United States and Taliban agreement, American troops have until tomorrow to flee the country.

Monday morning, the associated press said there are around 300 American citizens still awaiting extradition and all are expected to be flown out by the deadline.