Local business owner could see impact from possible UPS strike

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – So far, there is still no movement on contract negotiations between UPS and the union representing employees.

If a deal isn’t inked by the end of this month, we could be looking at a nationwide strike, halting package deliveries across the country.

This is tough news to process for one Bowling Green small business owner, who sells her products on Instagram and online and relies heavily on UPS to help meet her customer demand.

“I’m sourcing all over the U.S. for my product,” says Sydney Budysheva, owner of Soul Fed Home. “I go on road trips every weekend, and so this could definitely limit the size and quantity of items that I am able to put on the website.”

The possibility of a UPS worker strike not only means disappointing customers but also forcing a change in business practices.

She says the looming strike is added pressure on managing the website she launched just this week.

The last time UPS workers went on strike was in 1997, when operations were shut down for over two weeks.