Legacy Christian Academy to open in August

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Teamwork makes the dreamwork. That’s the case for a new Bowling Green Christian School, Legacy Christian Academy.

The academy is the result of a merger between the Bowling Green Christian Academy and Anchored Christian School on Cave Mill Road, which is where the new academy will be.

Incoming students like Briley Cannon can’t wait to get started.

“I’m definitely excited to have way more friends, and for all the possibilities that we can have in the future of the school,” Cannon said.

Possibilities that mean students pre-k through 12th grade can learn in a 25,000 square foot facility. Teachers at what was formerly the Anchored Christian School said they’re looking forward to seeing the transition, especially since COVID-19 prompted an early end to the year.

“I am thrilled to go back to the classroom, I’m thrilled to have the children come back, and new faces. What a great way to start a new legacy,” said Anchored Christian school teacher Sandy Kubasch.

Parents of incoming students also say they’re thankful that the new academy is branching out to reach a larger number of students.

“It is amazing. I think any child in the Bowling Green area should be able to have Christian education if that’s what their parents choose for them,” said parent Amy Cannon.

With a new start comes a lot of opportunity with the addition of an athletic department and a potential performing arts center.

The merger was a process that’s been in the works for quite some time but church staff said they’re glad it’s finally coming to light.

“This was the third or fourth time that this approach had been made. This time for whatever reason, everything just seemed to click. We felt that it was providential. We’re really thankful for it,” said pastor of Glendale at Cave Mill Barry Fields.