Last minute holiday shoppers get ready for Christmas day

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The month of December is a prime month to get all the Christmas shopping done. On Christmas eve, time is ticking until the big day. Holiday shoppers are making use of every last second to fill stockings and put gifts under the tree.

“I really think that like most males out there, I’m last minute. It’s Christmas eve and I’m trying to get the last of them. I’ve made a conscious effort to stay on the square and shop downtown this year,” said holiday shopper Jim Steen.

Some shoppers have been prepared for the big day from the start, to ensure that they don’t end up forgetting anyone’s gift.

“I usually shop all year long. We have two little gran loves so you have to match up and stuff, so I kind of shop all year long,” said holiday shopper Kristine Preston.

Getting everything done early is easier said than done, especially when life events come up, or simply when trying to decide on specific gifts, forcing some shoppers to play the waiting game.

“We bought an old home, so we’ve been working on it. Life is just kind of crazy right now,” Preston said.

The holidays, while filled with joy, can be a stressful time for both shoppers and retail workers. For this reason, Jim Steen, who happens to be both, offers this advice.

“My advice would be just to slow down and be kind to people. It’s all about us working together and having good memories and enjoying time with family and friends,” Steen said.