Kindergarten ready Summer camp

Parents, if you have young kids going into kindergarten in August of 2022, there is a summer camp  you can get them signed up to be kindergarten ready.

A free summer program by Warren County Public Schools, Bowling Green City Schools and several community partners is getting put on to help local children be kindergarten ready. 

Debbie Hills, CEO and President of United Way in Bowling Green, explains how important it is for getting your child ready for school.

Hills says, “over the course of many years we will see a more successful community. Needs for some of those other supporting services will begin to decline because we’ll have members ready to be successful.”

Screening open for the public is March 26th from 9A.M. to 3P.M. and is required for participation. To learn more, come back to this news article for updates at

Kinderready Screenings 1