Keep pets safe and warm with freezing temperatures coming

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Wednesday night, temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.

Keep in mind the impact that may have on your outdoor pets.

If you have barn cats, you may want to provide a box filled with straw rather than blankets because wet or frozen blankets won’t provide ample heat.

It also may be a good idea to bring animals inside if at all possible, to keep them comfortable and safe.

The cold temperatures are just the beginning with the winter months on their way, so be sure to keep your furry friends in mind as freezing temperatures approach.

Sheriff Brett Hightower says the Warren County Animal Control is called out to peoples homes oftentimes in cold months for abuse or neglect.

The sheriff says you have to take into consideration size and type of animal when deciding how to keep it warm.

“They have some type of potential warmth and make sure that their water doesn’t stay frozen or isn’t frozen. And then [make sure] they have adequate food. We all know that adequate food will help us develop our internal core temperature and without that and without adequate water, it puts the animal at significant risk,” said Hightower.

It is also important to understand that some dogs enjoy the cold and may not fully understand when they have had enough. Some of those stubborn furballs can inadvertently injure themselves without alerting you to their discomfort.