“It destroyed my reputation, but my character won’t change.”

Oklahoma Christian University recruiter fired after asking high school students to line up by skin color and hair texture defends his actions, saying his intentions were misunderstood. KFOR's Peyton Yager reports.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (NBC News) — A former Oklahoma Christian University recruiter is sharing his side of the story after lining students up by their skin color and hair texture.

Students and parents are still outraged, and the university made a personal visit to Harding Charter Prep in Oklahoma City Monday to apologize.

“It destroyed my reputation but my character won’t change,” Cedric Sunray said.

Sunray is defending his presentation saying he’s done the exact same exercise 87 times just this year.

“I break the groups into four teams and then I say line up darkest to the front and lightest to the back,” Sunray said. “From the largest afro to the tightest braid to the blondest with blue eyes. They all want to know they are valued and warranted. And that is what I provide.”

The educator of 20 years was fired within an hour.

“I accept who I am and what I look like,” Harding Charter Prep junior Korey Todd said. “I don’t need an exercise from a college recruiter, personally.”

Sunray says he’s already been hired by another university, but he won’t say which one, admitting his teaching is unorthodox.

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