Indiana girl battles flesh-eating bacteria

(WTHR) A Mooresville, Indiana girl is recovering from a flesh eating bacteria.

“I knew something was wrong because a doctor doesn’t send you home to pack, to go to an E.R.,” Michelle Brown says.

It all started with a scuffed toe that she dipped into the ocean on vacation a week ago Monday in Destin, Florida.

“Wednesday we woke up to pretty severe pain,” Michelle says. “She was not able to walk at all. She was in tears trying to get out of bed.”

She trusted her motherly instincts, called her pediatrician and headed home. Her temperature was up to 104.5 and she was rushed into emergency surgery.

“They told us to come home, get clothes and phone chargers and get to Riley ER. So when we left the doctors office after hearing that I started freaking out,” she recalls.

The flesh eating bacteria had settled in her calf. Doctors worked to remove as much of the infection and start treating it in an attempt to save her leg and her life.

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