Houston, Texas hospitals see surge in Covid-19 cases

Hospitals in Houston, Texas prepare their facilities and staff as numbers in COVID-19 cases continue to surge. KPRC's Syan Rhodes reports.

HOUSTON, Texas (NBC News) — A surge in Coronavirus cases since Memorial Day has Houston, Texas doctors and hospitals preparing for the worst.

Dr. Chris Amos is the Director of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at Baylor College of Medicine.

He studied the rate at which people become susceptible, infected and recover from COVID-19, as well as the rate of transmissibility.

Based on his research, Amos says by mid-July, Houston hospitals could see 2,000 hospitalizations each day.

“We do see that the infection rates are well over one, which means that each person is infecting right now considerably more than one other person,” said Amos.

Doctors say if it gets worse, they’ll use what is called “crisis capacity.”

“Hospitals will have to do things like extend beds into places where they don’t ordinarily put beds. I hope we don’t get there but in a true community crisis, that’s the sort of decision hospitals are going to have to make,” said Dr. James McDeavitt with Baylor College of Medicine.

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