Hope House’s Ready to Work Shuttle keeps unemployment down

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Imagine having a job and that one job pays for your bills, food, clothes, and livelihood.

But also imagine not having transportation to get to that job.

Life would become difficult very quickly, sometimes homelessness being the end result.

That no longer has to be the case.

That’s thanks to the “Ready to Work” shuttle bus.

The shuttle provides transportation to those participating in the Jobs for Life program at Hope House ministries.

Last year, 17 Ready to Work shuttle riders were either homeless or staying at the Salvation Army.

By using the shuttle to get to work, they overcame their living conditions and acquired their own housing and transportation.

The cost of shuttle tickets is 15 dollars for those in the Jobs for Life program.

It’s 25 dollars for those who aren’t.

Jobs for Life also teaches work ethic and builds resumes.

We spoke to one current rider, Troy White, who’s a machine operator at Pan-Oston.

White says the Jobs for Life program makes the shuttle more accessible, helping him maintain his job.

The shuttle itself is covered with local businesses’ logos, bringing awareness to their services.

The advertisements also contribute to keeping the prices of tickets down and the shuttle running.

If you would like to feature your business on the shuttle bus, click here or call 270-904-1200