Holly K. Dunn, the only Railroad Serial Killer survivor speaks in Bowling Green

On Friday morning, Holly K. Dunn, the only Railroad Serial Killer survivor spoke to a packed room at the WKU Knicely Conference Center at the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce’s Coffee Hour event.

WNKY sat down with Holly for an exclusive interview about her experience and how it affects her life now.

In 1997, Holly Dunn’s life changed forever.

Holly and her boyfriend, Chris Maier, were walking along railroad tracks in Lexington on their way home from a party when they were attacked by the railroad serial killer.

Her boyfriend Chris was beaten to death in front of her own eyes. Holly was then stabbed, raped, and left to die.

“I prayed my last prayer. I mean I was ready to go if it was going to happen. So I was asking for forgiveness for my sins and thinking this could be my last moment. Thinking of my family and you know, I had a peace, I can not describe just the peace that I felt during this. I know its something that you might not think. It seems crazy that you would feel a peace during an attack, but in my mind I felt a peace that came over me. I really think I was preparing myself.” says Holly Dunn.

Holly was able to help seek justice for herself, Chris and the 22 other victims.

“It was a very, very difficult day when I testified, but it was empowering and the fact that he was put away and executed. I got full justice and a lot of victims do not get that kind of justice. I am glad that he is not in the world anymore and he is not hurting anyone else.”

Now, Holly finds strength through the pain and uses her story to empower others.

“I feel like I have a second chance at life and I live for Chris. I always try to keep his memory alive. I want people to know who he was, how wonderful of a person he was, but I also live for all the people who didn’t get that chance to live. I got a second chance and they didn’t so I want to make them proud.”

If you want to learn more about Holly’s story, she also has a book out titled, “Sole Survivor.”