Heat health: doctors warn about dangers of rising temperatures

(NBC News) Doctors are issuing a warning about the dangers of the massive heat wave that’s sweeping across the United States.

Dr. Baruch Fertel of the Cleveland Clinic says heat exhaustion symptoms, like lethargy, confusion and nausea, can potentially progress to heat stroke.

“They are no longer sweating. They are completely unresponsive or very altered, and those folks need to seek medical attention promptly,” said Dr. Fertel.

Experts are encouraging people to drink plenty of fluids, take cool showers or baths and stay in air conditioned buildings if possible.

If kids want to play in the water, test the temperature first, and don’t forget that the metal equipment found on playgrounds can also get very hot in the summer.

Cars also carry hidden dangers in the heat. Metal seatbelt buckles can cause serious burns, and of course, leaving children inside a locked can be deadly.

Finally, if you plan on exercising outside or doing yard work, try to do it in the morning or early evening when the temperatures are slightly cooler.

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