“He was rogue” – service dog triggers violent police altercation

(WSAV) An Atlanta family says they’re pressing charges after a frightening encounter with a Tybee Island, Georgia police officer.

Arynne Keeley said she and her dog Miley were originally cleared by other officials on the beach, but just as she was headed to her car, a police officer approached her.

At first, she thought it was a misunderstanding, but she said she found herself cuffed with her face pressed against the hot pavement.

“It was so scary, it was so scary,” Keeley recalled. What was supposed to be a happy 23rd birthday spent at the beach turned into her worst nightmare.

“I heard him radio to the officer that was responding, ‘she’s a service animal everything is alright’ and he let us continue walking,” said Keeley. “He didn’t follow us or anything. As I walking to my car a police officers pulls up behind and puts on his siren.”

Keeley said the officer, who she identified as Corporal Taylor, became increasingly aggressive after asking her for identification. That’s when Miley the dog, who is trained to protect her, lunged toward him.

When her father saw what was happening he ran behind the officer.

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