Hair health: 6 mistakes women make

(KPRC) The way you shampoo, brush and heat your hair can all do damage to your gorgeous locks.

Hairdresser Lindsey Kern has been working in the business for 14 years, and sees people making a lot of mistakes.

First off, she says not using shampoo specifically designed for color-treated hair will make it look bronzy and red. To reverse that, she recommends using a purple shampoo. Kern says store-bought shampoos are fine, but if you want to save money on shampoo by voiding salon brands, use a clarifying shampoo once a week to eliminate buildup.

Second, be gentle with your hair when it’s wet. A so-called “wet brush” features bendable bristles that won’t rip through the tangles.

Finally, stop using heating tools on the highest level. Stick to about 300 degrees. Course hair can tolerate up to 400 degrees, but not 450, even if your tool goes that high.

“You’re thinking about how fragile these tiny strands of hair are and you can bake chicken at that, you’re going to want to protect your hair,” said Kern.

To do so, use a heat-protectant cream or spray before you style your hair.

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