Group displays graphic anti-abortion images on WKU’s campus

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – WKU was a hot spot for debate today when a national group set up large graphic images in the center of campus.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform set up a disturbing display in Centennial Mall for students to see as they walked through campus.

Mikaela, the project director of the group says the goal of the Genocide Awareness Project is to save the life of babies in the nation.

“The purpose is just to show people what abortion really is, that it really does decapitate and dismember tiny human beings. A lot of people don’t know that. That’s all we want to show people and they can make their own conclusions about that,” said Mikaela.

While some say they agree with the concept of preventing abortions, many passersby said they disagreed with the method of showing such disturbing images in public.

Others were against the display as a whole citing their beliefs that women shouldn’t be bullied into having a child they do not want.

“I think a lot of those images are really graphic. There’s a lot of graphic images. And it’s used to like shock someone. And it would be a good way for them to say, ‘oh, well, you don’t believe in babies, you don’t believe in this,’ whenever it’s not like their people yet. So, I think it’s not fair and I think it’s just a big show kind of thing,” said Jade Lee, a WKU student.

“It’s in there rights because of free speech. I do believe there’s a difference between free-speech and the really stupid things that these people are trying to do using imagery, using Satanic imagery, using Nazi imagery, to compare that stuff to abortion. It’s just not right,” said Dylan Wilson, a WKU student.

“To me, personally, whenever children are being harmed, I think it’s important to speak up about it,” said Mikaela.

Some students discussed their thoughts with members of the organization while others played loud music nearby to distract from the display.