Go Joe! – “G.I. Joe” Hospital & Museum takes shape

(KFOR) His operating room is a work bench in the back room of a former beauty shop in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.

Surrounded by body parts and the salvage of a million backyard battlefields, Dr. Neil Vitale saves as many G.I. Joes as he can.

“For some reason, kids like to use ice picks on Joes,” says Dr. Vitale, who maintains a practice as a real doctor. “Unfortunately, a lot of them were burned up too.”

They were really a tough bunch.

Vitale still has the first two G.I. Joes he got as a kid.

“An LSO officer and an Air Force dress parade,” he offers.

It’s been a decade since his cousin called and told Neil to come and get them out of his attic.

That started a search for other lost soldiers. Pretty soon, he was all over eBay and anywhere else he could think of to re-enlist the original Joes, the Adventure Team, the astronauts.

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