Glasgow Police Department celebrates grand opening of maintenance and training facility

GLASGOW, Ky. – The Glasgow Police Department is ready to take on anything that comes its way, because of their brand new maintenance and training facility.

The new facility assures the safety of the Glasgow community and the local police department by providing services like changing spark plugs, oil, inspecting transmissions and so much more. They also offer training services that guarantee the local department, and other police departments are well equipped in the field.

The mechanic for the Glasgow Police Department, Joey Shields, says, “To have this bare the weight of service in these vehicles that are emergency vehicles, that’s pretty great in itself, but when you get them in and prepare them and get them back out on the road and these guys use them, and all the things that they do, it’s kind of self gratifying.”

The new addition is having a positive effect on everyone, especially members of the community.