Florida man: attempt to pawn baby was a prank

(WFLA/NBC News) A Florida man who triggered a manhunt when he attempted to pawn his baby says his actions were a prank for Snapchat.

On Tuesday evening a man entered the A&F Pawn shop in Sarasota and made a strange request to store owner Richard Jordan.

“The weirdest, strangest situation we’ve ever encountered,” said Jordan. “He put it on the counter, he was pretty serious about it. He spun the baby around, and said ‘Can I pawn this?'”.

It lasted less than a minute, but after the man left Jordan called the police.

A few hours later, Brian Slocum realized he was all over the news. He called authorities to explain and soon dozens of officers were outside his home.

“They didn’t find it funny or hilarious at all and there was a lot of resources and time and money that went into it,” said Slocum.

Slocum says his joke obviously fell flat.

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