Fitness behind the wheel: exercise & older drivers

(NBC News) A new study finds that exercise is not only good for the health of older Americans, but also for the skills they need to drive.

According to the study from AAA, even a little activity can make a big difference for older drivers.

“This doesn’t have to be strenuous,” says AAA’s Tamra Johnson. “Older adults can actually look at breaking up that exercise into 10-20 minute increments across the week to get that entire balance in.”

Research shows that daily exercise and stretching can help older drivers to improve overall body flexibility and move more freely to observe the road from all angles.

Physical strength also helps drivers remain alert to potential hazards on the road and perform essential driving functions.

Carol Baker, 76, says she drives more now than before she retired…and her exercise routines keep her sharp.

“I think we tend to deteriorate if we don’t keep active and alert kind of thing,” Baker says.

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