Federal decisions impact locals

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Federal decisions impact people right here in south central Kentucky.

The debt ceiling, the IRS trying to stop tax evasion and social security benefits on the rise.

All federal issues that will impact people everywhere.

First, in a party line vote, the House of Representatives approved an extension of the nation’s debt limit through early December.

Both local representatives, James Comer and Brett Guthrie voted against it.

Raising the debt ceiling is a measure that allows the nation to meet financial obligations for money it has already spent.

Another hot button issue is the Biden administration is proposing stopping tax evasion by requiring banks to report your account information to the IRS.

Kentucky State Senator Mike Wilson says he does not support these kinds of reports.

“You know, you’ll have big brother kind of spying on your finances all the time and right now, I think it’s only $10,000 or more that has to be reported. And so, I think that’s a big intrusion,” said Wilson.

Some locals didn’t support it, while others didn’t mind.

“Whether it’s on Facebook Marketplace or they do a small job for somebody that doesn’t qualify over $600, I just feel like those people are the ones that are going to be stepped on,” said Joey Pryor, a Warren County resident.

“Well, it don’t matter to me because I don’t do anything that I wouldn’t want anybody to see,” said Raymond Burch, a Warren County resident.

The Social Security Administration announced recipients will see monthly checks jump by five-point-nine percent next year.

The reason is inflation with an estimated 105% increase in expenses.

“Inflation is soaring, so I think yes that’s great for our seniors that are drawing unemployment,” said Wilson.

“We’re getting just a part of what the price of groceries has gone up, but it helps a lot,” said Burch.

And that is all federal. Bringing it back to the state level of government the 2022 legislative session will begin in January

One big decision the state legislators will be working on, the budget.

“It’s a biannual budget. It’s a two-year budget. We do have a pretty substantial rainy-day fund so we’re looking at how can we find some like one-time costs,” said Wilson.