Emergency Management: Do not attempt to kayak, canoe or swim in flooded rivers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The weather Wednesday was nice, and many people were outside enjoying the day.

While enjoying the sunshine, keep in mind that many rivers in the area are still flooded following the weekend rainstorms.

Warren County Emergency Management has been responding to water rescue calls for multiple days in a row now with cars driving through flooded roads.

But roads are not the only flooding concern.

Officials urge the public to avoid kayaking, canoeing or swimming in the swollen bodies of water.

With flooding, there can be a significant amount of debris in the water and the under current can be much swifter than the surface level water.

Also, the water is still extremely cold.

In 50-degree water, your muscular function can drop 30% in just minutes, according to Travis Puckett, deputy director for the Warren County Emergency Management.

Puckett advises people stay out of water at least through the weekend.