Edelen makes campaign stop at Bowling Green’s Shake Rag Barbershop

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Democrat, Adam Edelen, a former Kentucky state auditor who is now running for governor of Kentucky, made a stop in Bowling Green Tuesday.

Edelen made a campaign stop at Shake Rag Barbershop.

Among the topics he discussed with potential voters included civil rights, criminal justice reform and marijuana.

Edelen made headlines on Monday after announcing he’d support decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use here in the state if he is elected governor.

“This is important. We simply cannot afford to continue to lock up a recreational pot user for small amounts of dope,” Edelen said. “When we are in a state where we are literally struggling to keep from laying off school teachers, it doesn’t make sense to spend $50 million a year prosecuting folks who are in possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana.”

After his stop at the barbershop, Edelen held a forum at State Street Baptist Church.