Dog’s best friend: hiker rescues pup stuck in cave

(WFLA) Joe Dunn loves exploring. On any given weekend, you’ll find him out and about in the woods, looking for nuggets of Florida history.

It’s a passion that runs as deep as some of the areas where he hikes, like the Withlacoochee State Forest in Levy County.

Just last weekend, Joe documented an incredible rescue where a little life was saved, one in serious need of a helping hand.

“It was unbelievable going out there, just a cave in the middle of the wilderness,” he says. “It took several miles to hike out there.”

A dog was trapped in the forest, suffering for three long weeks. Joe discovered the pup deep in a cave, whimpering and scared.

“It’s sound you don’t like to hear,” he says. “Really disturbing, makes you really sad to hear.”

The pup was deep in the ground, and Joe couldn’t get to her.

“She was trying to get our attention, she looked up at us, trying to jump through the cavern, trying her best,” Joe explains.

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