Cow mural comes down after 25 years, needs new home

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- After a long 25 years, the well-known cow mural created by artist Andee Rudloff is coming down from the building off of Highway 185.

The building used to be an ice cream dairy shop, but is now being turned into a grocery and liquor store. The owners said they’ll have a painting of the mural inside the new shop.

Rudloff and friends will be working on taking down the mural over time, metal panel by metal panel. Some of the panels are nearly 20 feet long. For now she’s going to keep the pieces in storage, but hopes someone will want it for their building.

“We’re still looking for a permanent home. I would like to work with whoever would like to see the cow mural at their location. I’d love to see it go up again in Bowling Green and there will be a little touch up needed. But it’s such an iconic mural and I’m just so glad to be part of it,” said Rudloff.

Rudloff says she’s had people tell her that the mural has been up for their entire life and they don’t know a Bowling Green without it. Rudloff says she’s hopeful that it will go up again.