Corrections officer fired after jail overdose death

(WKYC/NBC News) Newly released video shows an overdose death that led to indictments at Ohio’s Cuyahoga County Jail.

Recorded on a late-August morning, it appears to show 47-year-old Joseph Arquillo in his final hours.

The military veteran had been booked on a probation violation.

Though Arquillo had received a medical screening, he appears unstable, rocking back and forth for several minutes next to his mat.

He then curls up against a wall and holds the position for more than an hour before an inmate approaches, says something, and walks away.

Others notice the situation but do nothing.

Eventually Corrections Officer Martin Devring approaches, appears to let Arquillo know it is meal time, kicks his mat and walks off.

Another inmate also kicks his mat, to no response.

By now, more than two hours have passed before a third inmate, possibly the first to see the problem, returns to tap Arquillo on the shoulder.

When he does not get a response, he calls for help.

The officer to relieve Devring is soon there and gets a medical team, however, it is too late.

Arquillo would die at the hospital of an overdose.

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