Community shows thanks for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Every year, January 9 is known as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. It’s a day where the community is encouraged to drop off goods to their local law enforcement officials. Sweets like donuts and candy were delivered, but law enforcement officials say there’s something even sweeter about this role.

“We all do this to help people. We don’t really expect any type of thank you or anything, but it means a lot to us when anybody in the community reaches out to us to tell us they appreciate us in any manner,” said Kentucky State Police post 3 Trooper Daniel Priddy.

“We love the interaction with the community, and for them to just come in drop off food and coffee and donuts and all kinds of things is just incredible to us to know that they care so much,” said Bowling Green Police public information officer Ronnie Ward.

Law enforcement works early mornings and late nights to ensure that citizens are resting peacefully. A local resident said he’s glad there’s a day set aside to show thanks.

“I think it’s a great thing. Law enforcement isn’t something that should be looked badly upon. A lot of my family is in law enforcement and I appreciate everything that they do,” said Bowling Green resident Jacob Burton.

In everything they do, comes situations where they’re put in harm’s way. Knowing this, they still wear the uniforms proud knowing the community is being kept safe.

“If you want to serve in law enforcement, it’s something that you’re driven to do. You just have this ultimate desire to serve people and the community,” Ward said.

“We want to have an impact on the communities we live in. I think that’s the driving force for most of us,” Priddy said.

Every law enforcement appreciation day, citizens are urged to do a number of things to commemorate the day, such as, wear blue clothing and send a card of support to local police departments or state agencies.