Co-owner of Motorsports track at old landfill responds to public concerns

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Concerned neighbors of Glen Lily Road met Monday night at Barren River Baptist Church to discuss their feelings about a new GNCC Motorsports Park set to come to property around the old landfill.

Residents filled chairs and voiced concerns, acknowledging noise, traffic, and sanitation of the area.

Gary Sullivan, a resident of Glen Lily Road, believes the city should not have sold the land without allowing nearby residents to have a say in the matter.

“We thought we needed to take it upon ourselves to have a public meeting to discuss it,” said Sullivan.

Warren County 5th District Magistrate Mark Young attended the meeting and said he will take the opinions expressed at the meeting and share them with other officials.

“The city has the right, legally, to do what they are doing. There is nothing being done illegal. My personal thoughts: I wouldn’t want this next door to me,” said Young.

Tuesday morning, WNKY sat down with one of the buyers and spoke with those in charge of the creation of the motorsports park to discuss issues brought up at Monday night’s meeting.

In regard to the noise, Sye Head says all ATV and motorcycle engines will be required to be off at sunset.

Head also says the engine of ATV’s allowed at the park are around the same decibel as your average lawn mower.

Acknowledging traffic, the cite expects to generate approximately 15,000 people, including children.

Head says they expect cars to come packed full of people, making the number of cars much lower than the number of people in attendance.

Safety is one concern for a mom living nearby, Sherry Ausbrooks.

“People will be probably partying after these events, probably drinking. So, what happens when they leave these events at night and my 16-year-old daughter is driving home from work? That is a big scare factor. And, I know they say that it is going to bring in three million [dollars] in revenue but three million [dollars] is not worth my daughter’s life,” said Ausbrooks.

Head also addressed the landfill stating that the old landfill will not be in use and says those in charge of the park have been in contact with the EPA and are considering a permanent seal of the landfill anyway.