City of Bowling Green preparing to create a downtown entertainment district

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you have ever wanted to open carry alcoholic beverages or enjoy downtown events and growth, the City of Bowling Green is working on a change you are going to love.

City officials are working to create an entertainment district in the heart of the city possibly including Fountain Square Park and Circus Square Park areas.

This district will encourage businesses to move in downtown and will likely lead to visitors making their way into the city limits, spending their money and then leaving.

Jeff Meisel, the city manager, says this will be a positive for the community bringing people together and encouraging the success of downtown businesses.

“We just want to make it more festive and open for people feel comfortable walking around, with or without a drink in their hand. But to do that, we have to establish an entertainment district, layout the boundaries of where it’s going to be and then figure out how we’re going to enforce it with police protection and that kind of thing,” said Meisel.

Meisel says he expects the city to be finished with the details and ready for the change coming in the spring or summer.