Chicago man who saved man on train tracks gets free car

Chicago Man Saves Man From Train Tracks
Tony Perry wasn't just going to watch the man die of an electric shock. He said he had to help him – even if it meant risking his own life. (Source: WBBM via CNN Newsource)

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago man who jumped onto train tracks to rescue someone who had fallen onto an electrified rail during a fight at an L station earned more than praise for his heroic act. Twenty-year-old Anthony Perry was surprised Wednesday with a 2009 Audi A8 from the founder of a local anti-violence group. Perry said the car will make his life “way easier.” The South Side resident has been taking two buses and a train to get to his job with Amazon Fresh in suburban Oak Lawn. On Monday, he got off at a stop on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line when he noticed a nearly unconscious man on the electrified third rail of the tracks. He jumped down on the tracks and pulled the man to safety.