Cave clean up a success, Boat tours start once again

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Staff at a local Bowling Green park are celebrating the return of a fan favorite feature, and it all happened through community support.

Lost River Cave can now provide visitors with the experience of the cave boat tours once again. A while back, heavy rain caused the cave area to flood, meaning park staff had to deal with the mess left behind.

In response, the flash fundraiser was started, which gave the community the chance to pitch in to get boat tours going again, and that’s exactly what happened.

It’s not just the boat tours, as the zip lines and nature trails are available for the public as well, and staff say it’s all thanks to the community.

“We’re always really grateful for our donors and members that really come out and make this place continue to be possible. It’s that boat tour and also our tourism that is our funding here, but it’s also a lot of donors and supporters that really want to make this whole 72 acres and our mission of connecting and enriching lives through nature really happen,” said Lost River Cave operations manager Chad Singer.

Even though the flash fundraiser has ended, there’s always the option to donate to the park to keep experiences like the butterfly habitat flying high.