Braille Yearbook: “This Was The Year”

(KUSA) The yearbook staff at Colorado’s Conifer High School was buzzing with nervous excitement last week.

“Yeah, I’m nervous,” said Laurel Ainsworth, the yearbook’s editor-in-chief. “My stomach doesn’t hurt or anything it’s all in my head.”

Ainsworth and the rest of the yearbook staff spent Friday morning, patiently counting the seconds before the book they had worked on for more than 1,500 hours was released to the student body.

“I just hope that we covered everything so that they can look back in 20 years and we did it justice,” Ainsworth said.

The black-covered yearbook, full of action-filled, colorful photos was a big project for Leslie Thompson’s staff. She said it was the right time to give them another challenge.

“This was the year it couldn’t have happened any other year,” Thompson said. “These are the kids, the leader, this was the year.”

This was to be the year that the yearbook had a special edition. Years prior, RJ Sampson, a visually impaired student at Conifer, had a simple question for Thompson on the last day of school.

“Going out the door he said, ‘When are you going to make me a braille yearbook?'” Thompson said. “This idea has been percolating since then.”

The vision team at Jefferson County schools did the translating onto clear tape and then it was Thompson’s job to get it in the right spot in the book.

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