Bowling Green students meet law officials

ELPO’s Law Legal Diversity Pipeline

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Friday morning, 14 students from Warren East High School and 19 from Bowling Green High School took part in ELPO’s Law Legal Diversity Pipeline field trip.

ELPO’s program mentors students who are thinking about legally helping underrepresented, diverse people in their futures.

The students checked out the Warren County Justice Center, District Court, Federal Courthouse and the Bowling Green Police Department. 

They got to hear from different Bowling Green city leaders in law enforcement, legislation, legal fields and more – walking away Friday afternoon very inspired. 

BGHS junior Emma Coomes said, “If I could help one person, that would just make my life.”

WEHS junior Anna Alderson, “I want to help people and make the community a better place and bring change.”

BGHS junior Molly Arnold said, “Amy Milliken, relating to her a little bit, it made me feel better about possibly starting a career in law.”

The goal of the program is to help diversify the field of law by ensuring that students of many different backgrounds consider law as a career option.