BGPD is hiring dipatchers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Police Department is hiring, but this time, instead of police officers, they are hiring 911 operators.

The ideal dispatch center employee would be someone who has a servant’s heart and can remain calm in a stressful situation.

Anytime someone calls 911 in Warren County, it is automatically sent to BGPD operators who then dispatch the call to the correct agency or another dispatch center.

The pay starts at $38,000 and comes with full city benefits.

According to BGPD representatives, the job is a great foot in the door to becoming a police officer as well.

Nichole Wright, a BGPD dispatcher, told WNKY she likes the job because it is something different and make a difference in people’s lives.

To apply for the job, you must be 18 years old with a high school diploma, click here.