BG organizations teach middle school students consent for Sexual Assault Prevention Month

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – April is National Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Month, a topic very real and close to home for many people. One program is teaching Bowling Green middle school students about the importance of consent.

Middle school children from Bowling Green met at the Bowling Green Ballpark to participate in the Out of Bounds program – a program that teaches bodily autonomy in an easy-to-understand way.

Speakers from the Boys to Men Leadership Group, WKU Counseling Center and Hope Harber, Inc. spoke to the kids and used interactive games to get them learning and moving. 

Executive Director of Boys to Men Tyreon Clark said, “We have junior high schoolers sixth through eighth graders, some of things that the kids might be seeing in their lives, in the classroom, and social media… because social media has done something to our youth and exposed them to a lot of things that we might not have experienced when we were growing up. So, to have an understanding of what that is, what sexual assault prevention is and give them the tools and guidance that they need to understand that no is no and how to carry themselves appropriately is key.”

The kids left the Ballpark with their Inbounds cards. The kids can fill out card activities that teaches about boundaries for a chance to win prizes. 

This is only part one of a two part event. Middle schoolers across the city can come to part two of the Out of Bounds program April 26th. Click here for more.