Battling Mask Misconceptions

Research engineer designs experiment to disprove argument that wearing a mask lowers your oxygen level. KSHB's McKenzie Nelson reports.

(KSHB/NBC News) — A Kansas City, Missouri, man is doing his own research after coming across false information on social media regarding masks being worn to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Steve Siegel is a researcher and engineer for the University of Missouri—Kansas City.

“I am just so tired of all the false information and arguments and everything else online,” Siegel says.

In his free time, Siegel conducted a number of studies to show that wearing a mask does not impact breathing.

Without a mask, Siegel’s blood oxygen level was a 95. After working out in the heat with his mask on, Siegel tested his blood oxygen level again with a pulse oximeter, and his levels only dropped to a 94.

“Below 90 is when they start questioning the efficiency of your lungs and that maybe there’s an issue,” Siegel says.

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