Barren County school district working to get more sensory rooms

GLASGOW Ky.-Sensory rooms are meant to be relaxing safe havens for those who need a break from crowded areas and heavy social interaction. Some schools in the Barren County district like North Jackson Elementary already have them, and the goal is to put one in every district elementary school. Holly Mallory’s son attends North Jackson, and she said she sees the benefits through him.

“I get to see the benefits of it because he’s more calm and can do what he needs to do at school during the day, and not be overwhelmed or upset about anything,” Mallroy said.

Sensory rooms can have various layouts, including colorful neon lights, relaxing visuals, and regulated breathing exercises. The district has received $2,100 in grant money for the sensory rooms, and district officials are working to get the funds raised for more.

“It’s exciting to offer this for our kiddos. To make sure that we are doing what’s best in individualizing for our student’s needs,” said District teacher consultant Molly Caswell.

It’s seen as a useful way to serve the students of Barren County.

“All the people involved with our special ed department just really have a heart for kids. It’s great that we’ve been able to put their best interests first,” said North Jackson Elementary assistant principal Leah-Kate Pniewski.

It’s a way to put first things first, starting with the needs of the students.

“I’ll be very excited if everybody had the opportunity to have a room like this,” Mallroy said.

In addition to North Jackson, both Barren County Middle School and Barren County High School have sensory rooms.