Barren County High School holds Empowering Female Athletes event

GLASGOW, Ky. – Today, Barren County High School hosted an Empowering Female Athletes event.

Female middle and high school students from Glasgow and Caverna were invited to learn about how Title IX has affected their academic and sports careers.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which is a landmark gender equity law that passed as part of the education amendments of 1972. It gives women athletes the right to equal opportunities in sports in educational institutions.

“I want the young ladies to walk away and be like ‘Wow this is, ya know, I can play sports, I can be successful in whatever I wanna do. I can play at the college level if I want to, but I can also do anything in life that I wanna do. And hopefully that is what we’re teaching them through sports,” said Holly Sheilley, vice president and director of athletics.

With school starting in just a few days, athletic directors say it’s important that these young women know what protects them within their academics and careers.