Back To The Barnyard: Pandemic Triggers Run On Chicks

Poultry farmers say they've seen a spike in demand for baby chicks as more people seek to create their own backyard egg supply. KCRA's Will Heryford reports.

HERALD, Calif. (KCRA/NBC News) — The coronavirus pandemic a boom in demand for an unusual commodity: baby chicks.

“I have waiting lists now for chicks and they are selling out within the day,” says Becky Kolano of Wild Star Farm in Herald, California.

After speaking with the would-be egg farmers, she thinks the run on chickens is more about getting back to basics than wanting a ready egg supply.

“A lot of people now that they are spending so much time at home and time with their kids are wanting to actually do some home studying type things…raising their own type of food,” Kolano says.

Tara Coronado has also seen a run on eggs and chicks at her farm.

She’s warning first time chick buyers that raising poulty isn’t simple.

“It’s just like raising a dog, you have to know what you are doing,” she says. “You can’t just shove them in the backyard and expect to get eggs.”

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