Allergies attack South Central Kentucky; Bowling Green pharmacist is here to help

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you’ve been sniffling, sneezing, coughing, or wheezing these last few weeks, you might be in the same boat as many other Southcentral Kentuckians.

Spring allergies are in the air, but don’t just take News 40’s word for it. Listen to what these people in Bowling Green’s Fountain Square Park have to say.

Renee Wilson said, “This spring, my allergies have been a lot worse than in the past.”

Gabrielle Smith agreed saying, “They are really bad. I even get allergy shots to help me become more immune, but they’re not really helping.”

“Ever since I broke my nose playing football growing up, it’s been one shot of Flonase in each nostril every morning, and I suffer no more,” recalled Randy Bush.

Amy Jessup added, “My oldest daughter just was diagnosed with asthma due to seasonal allergies, so she’s pretty bummed about that.”

Anyone who has allergies knows how draining, literally and figuratively, the spring season can be.

Bowling Green’s CDS #10 Pharmacy knows the seasonal trend all too well.

Pharmacist and owner Darren Lacefield said, “Pretty much just the last couple weeks a lot of people are coming in, especially for over the counter medications.”

And the symptoms of these allergies?

“Mainly itchy eyes, runny nose, chest congestion, sinus congestion,” informed Lacefield.

So, who’s the culprit to blame here when it comes to Mother Nature?

“A lot of it is trees blooming and flowers blooming,” said Lacefield. This time of year, anything that blooms is going to flare up your allergies. As the year goes along, grass does too – grass and weeds.”

Is there any hope to calm the coughs? Or do we wade our way through the sniffles till winter?

“Well, the good news is it used to be that all the good allergy medications were prescription, but now a lot of them are over the counter, so that’s an option. You can just come in and pick them up,” said Lacefield.

Lacefield also says if you have a prescription, they can compound your medication to make it work even more effectively – a life saver around allergy time.