AG Daniel Cameron issues statement regarding block of Human Life Protection Act

Breonna Taylor Daniel Cameron

Attorney General Daniel Cameron has released a statement after a Louisville Circuit Court judge issued a temporary restraining order to halt Kentucky’s Human Life Protection Act as to EMW and Planned Parenthood.

The Human Life Protection Act bans abortions in Kentucky unless the procedure is deemed necessary to protect the life of the mother by a licensed physician.

The attorney general’s statement includes the following:

“In the wake of an historic victory for life at the nation’s highest court, today, one judge in Kentucky has, without basis in the Kentucky Constitution, allowed two clinics to resume abortions. We cannot let the same mistake that happened in Roe v. Wade, nearly 50 years ago, to be made again in Kentucky. We will be seeking relief from this order. The U.S. Supreme Court made it abundantly clear in Dobbs that decisions about the protection of life should be decided by the states and the people through their representatives. Our General Assembly clearly expressed Kentucky’s support for life by passing the Human Life Protection Act with bipartisan support. We will do everything possible to continue defending this law and to ensure that unborn life is protected in the Commonwealth.”