A new way to recycle in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Recyclops is now officially conducting business in Bowling Green.

New recycling “uber-like” option has been available to citizens of Bowling Green and Warren County for just over a week now and already 700 residents have signed up. News 40 was able to sit down with Vice President of Sales and Business Dennis Wise about how the company is doing so far in town. Wise said he’s very excited to be operating in south central Kentucky and was hopeful in regard to expanding the subscription base.

Wise told News 40 the city has been receiving them well since beginning last week. In his interview explained the simplicity of the organization as being some that “really hits home with people.” In Bowling Green and Warren County, a special rate is offered to customers that differ from its other areas across the U.S by around 50 percent.

In Bowling Green City limits entry level is 8.50 and 10.50 in Warren County with both eligible to add an extra five dollars a month for glass pickup. Wise said with base subscription, a customer is able to have the individual driver pick up all plastics one through seven, scrap metal, and cardboard.