Warren Central student suspension addressed in school board meeting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – In a WNKY exclusive report that aired on Friday, Feb. 22, a student from Warren Central High School had been serving a 30-day suspension since January 17 relating to his decision to not move from his seat at a boys basketball game between Central and South Warren on January 15 at South Warren High School.

On Thursday night, Keylin Haynie appeared in front of the Warren County School Board for his disciplinary hearing. The meeting began at 7:00 p.m., but went into the early hours of Friday morning.

At the conclusion of the hearing, following hours of testimony and deliberation among board members, the board decided by a a 5 to 1 vote to give Haynie 25 additional days at Jackson Academy, the school he has been attending while serving his suspension.

Haynie’s attorney, Carlos Bailey, provided WNKY with the following statement in response to the board’s final ruling:

As you know, we object to closed deliberations under KRS 61.810. Therefore, we requested a written reason why 25 additional days were added. However, the school board’s attorney believes the board members properly deliberated in private after receiving evidence in a student’s open disciplinary hearing. We disagree…Therefore, we recognize Keylin was treated unfairly and certain constitutional rights have been violated including but not limited to his First Amendment right, Due Process Rights, and his Equal Protections Rights. The school board’s decision to add twenty-five (25) additional days is retaliatory and punitive. Therefore we are exploring all options, including legal relief.”

Prior to Haynie’s meeting with the school board on Feb. 28, Warren County Public Schools provided WNKY with this statement regarding their decision:

We are aware of the change.org campaign initiated by the family of a Warren County Public Schools’ student.  The safety and security of our students and staff at any school sponsored activity is paramount, and school officials have an obligation to maintain a safe and orderly environment. Part of this responsibility involves anticipating potentially volatile situations and taking the appropriate actions to prevent them. The night in question resulted in a number of people, both students and spectators, becoming very emotional throughout the evening. If in the interest of maintaining order, an individual fails to follow a directive from school officials, the safety and security of those in attendance may be compromised.  Although we are not at liberty to discuss specific details of disciplinary actions involving students, we are committed to upholding all governing Board policies and the resulting consequences when an individual fails to adhere to them.  Our community can trust us to continue adhering to all Board policies in an effort to ensure schools’ activities are safe and enjoyable for all involved.”

This story will be updated if any new information develops.